Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Eve Pearl-Aquisitions

Top Row L-R 
ChaCha, Park Avenue Rose, Pink Stiletto, Love Story, Enchanted, Nude Beach
Middle Row L-R
Minosa, Blushed,Vampire Kiss, Amaretto, Cherry Cola, Hollywood Affair
Bottom Row L-R
Climax, Stardust, Baby Doll, Hot Chocolate, Brown Sugar, Skinny Dip

So I couldn't resist the Eve pearl Discount promotion-and just had to order a few things...I'm a true sucker for palettes- love naything where I get multiple options/colors/ etc- because it just expands the uses and makes me feel like i've got every base covered- and will nevr be caight short with something I need, but don't have.
I ordered the Cylinder Brush Holder- to travel & store- and use on set- all my brushes. I'm hoping this will streamline my working- so we'll see- I have yet to use it, as it came flattened- and I have placed round bottles in it to sit for awhile & stretch it out....
Without Flash
I also ordered the professional clear travel makeup bag- for on set work- I now use a black backback- which I will prob keep for those mountain hiking/woods crawling shoots I do with a specific photographer (Stephanie- you know who you are!) but the clear will make it so much easier to find, at a glance, exactly what I'm looking for- and it has a long strap that I can wear over the shoulder, or cross body.
The only true cosmetics product I ordered was lipstick.....
With Flash
I ordered the Dual Performance Lip Color- Ultimate Palette- and at 55% off I thought it was a great deal at $18, as opposed to $40- When I opened the palette- i was quite shocked at how small it was- about 4 inches long, and about 2 1/2 inches tall- and with it containing 18 colors- you can imagine that each well is very tiny, each being just slightly smaller than the size of a dime. I also find that a lot of the colors are very similar in shade- a lot of pinks, and mauves, and bugundy-ish colors. There are two distinct reds- one yellow based, and one blue based- (top row, farthest right, & second row, first from left) and if those weren't represented I would have written off this whole palette- because both are key to any good lip palette- the yellow based color, however- does show very coral- and would need to be mixed with the other red- to brighten it to a TRUE red shade. There's only one color, Cha Cha, that I would call a "nude" and even that may be to pinky/coral for all complexions- it did not work well with my sallow skin. There are a couple that have some shimmer, but are fairly sheer so I don't think it would preclude anyone from using those particular shades for everyday wear, I would be more hesitant on a photoshoot.  I was concerned, once I saw how small the palette was, that perhaps the lipsticks themselves would also fall shorter than my expectations by being really sheer, and devoid of great pigmentation- that would have taken this palette from being a decent deal at $18-to an abysmal failure and complete and utter waste of good money. I was gratified, however, to find the pigmentaion in most of these lipsticks to be excellent! They are small, yes, but very little is needed to get good coverage, and color payoff. I barely broke the surface of one of the colors and did my entire top & bottom lip (swatching different colors on each lip) to good payoff. The colors are reasonably creamy and all have shine- none are a matte shade- so if you're looking  for matte cream-this is not the palette for you. I would say- a good deal at $18, I will most likely use several of these on some shoots, but I would be very hesitant to shell out $40 for this palette. I will try powdering down, and layering some of these colors- and report back how well this works- as it will double the versatility of many of these shades. I will also make a point to mix shades (since I pretty much do that anyway- I rarely use a shade straight-up).
I would have liked to see more, brown, caramel, nude matte colors- and perhaps a few good mattes- in red, nude, & burgundy. I think, while payoff is good, there are better palettes- such as Graftobian, to be had.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hire an MUA!

here's a non-model I did!
 I have been doing plenty of makeup, but lately it's really been more promotional makeup for my cosmetics line, rather than shoots. though i am waiting to hear back from a photographer regarding the definite date for our shoot- a jewelry look book w/ a NY designer- when that comes about I may get a shot that I can share, but you never know- usually the shots don't belong to you- since the client paid for them, and your services, but we'll see! I should get some pics of the "real" women I do every day- they are awesome- and usually a true inspiration to me- they are so grateful for my teaching them how to look their best, and they're not shy in letting me know it! I get a lot of satisfaction from this kind of work- I don't believe all those makeup artist secrets should be kept just for the pages of a magazine, or a slick ad campaign- I think every women deserves to know the techniques to improving their look. I do recommend hiring a true MUA to instruct you- we know bone structure, eye shape, face shape, skin texture, tone & undertone, color theory- all this and more- and can determine which techniques will work for you- it's not just some random slapping on of color here, there, and everywhere, but rather using light and shadow- as well as what we see in your unique person- that helps us decide what looks best, and why...then it's our job to teach you!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New Makeup!

o.k so i ordered some new makeup, a Graftobian palette, and some of their airbrush foundations. I chose warm, since that is mostly what i find myself using in any of my other foundation palettes/jars/bottles- etc. this is not my first experience with this brand, as I have used some Graftobian- and currently have a little in my kit. I still tend to like my rcma palette better, but for very sheer, dewey coverage graftobian has an excellent reputation, and I have seen for myself that it does work very creamy. I would not make this my choice for oily skin gals, but for drier skin types this could be amazing. I also bought some Nurturing Force all natural enzymatic airbrush cleaner- and am very excited about trying this! Cleaning my airbrush is a PIA- so if this makes it a cinch I will be re-buying a big ol' bottle! Plus I did get rcma refill foundation as well- Shinto-. When it come sin i'll test out my new Graftobian and post my thoughts here... very excited- i love new makeup!

Friday, October 22, 2010

newest pictures

 the always stunning Miss Carly Marciano
photographed by Stephanie Pierce

and this.... the beautiful Andre Oliviera
photographed by Diane Deiderich
As Always Hair & makeup by ME!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Some new pics

Here are some pics from two shoots I did recently with Stephanie Pierce.
The first is up and coming model Kathryn Beskrowni- ever hear the phrase- "the camera loves her face"? well it has never been more true than with this lovely girl- I will not be surprised if she is agency signed within the year...

Second is Carly Marciano a latina hottie- Signed with Maggie Models in Boston, and the former Miss Boston (2009) She is also running for Miss Massachusetts. She's sweet, smart, and gorgeous all in one- with a face that makes you take a nice long look.... And yes, that is her natural curls that I got to play with, de-frizz, and make into a soft shiny cloud- yay Me!

All Hair and makeup by yours truly.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Emerging Trends Fashion Show

I was privileged to be asked to assist for the emerging trends Fashion Show, a part of Boston's Fashion Week. Naturally I jumped at the chance, as I love doing fashion shows. Even though they are hectic, and often frantic- the adrenaline, and seeing all these amazing looks come together is an experience like no other.
I was contacted by fellow makeup artist, Christy Rzucidlo Lavallee. You can read her post, and more about the fabulous designers here.
Below you can see me airbrushing the foundation on one of our lovely models-
Fellow artist Liz Washer (her blog post here: & I got to prep, apply foundation, contour, highlight, brows etc. then we passed the girls on to Christy & Julie who finished the color application. This process was very streamlined, and allowed for  us to not only move very quickly, but also to really perfect each individual look & have consistency throughout. I love the second picture that Christy & I both worked on- her skin is glowing, and she looks fabulous! Christy's cousin Michelle- who works for  Paul David Salons in Sudbury, Ma- did the hair for this look- which was truly the most photographed look of the night!

Monday, September 20, 2010

it's about time.....

I posted anything new! here's some from this weekend....
unfortunately I don't have any from the fashion show I keyed this weekend- since I was way too busy applying makeup to take pictures or video of all my gorgeous models....
and a huge thanks to my assistant Tricia Brown- you rocked!
Anyway- these are from Saturday- with one of my favorite up and coming models Kathryn- it will not be long until she is signed with an agency...
the amazing Stephanie Pierce photographer
As always- Hair & Makeup by ME!
Kathryn Beskrowni-model, Photographer- Stephanie Pierce

Kathryn, SPierce

Friday, August 27, 2010

New shots!

Here's a few shots from the weekend of shoots-
Palo-model, Photographer Stephanie Pierce, hair & makeup- Me
Palo, Stephanie, Me
Palo, Stephanie, Me

Here's another- more still on their way!
Amber- model, photographer Lesley Arak, makeup-Me.

Monday, August 23, 2010


So I'm waiting for some pics from 4 separate shoots, whew! Anyway- I should get some to show all of you soon! (you don't always get copies, but all these photographers are very cool and always give me something for my port anyway!-that's why I love them!) I did a group shoot, which i find fun & also helpful in increasing my speed & skill level. It was me- and 8 models & about 7 photographers. The other hair & makeup gal never showed! What?! I know- HOW can you just no show- and NO CALL! Anyway- several of those are creatives so probably won't make it to my print portfolio, but they're always fun to show here, and they are super fun to do so we"ll see what images I get. For now here's......

Amber Nicol- model, Lesley Arak-photographer
Hair & makeup- Me!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Marathon weekend!

I had a super-shoot weekend! Great shoots on Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday! Whew- I'm exhausted, but I LOVED every minute of it! Here's a couple back already from the Saturday shoot, with Amy (model, Solacium on Model mayhem), Stephanie Pierce- who is seriously one of my favorite photographers- ever!, and me of course- with hair, makeup, nails- and I can take credit for most of styling- as I put most of it together out of Amy's stuff, and what I brought as well) And YES- THAT IS HER REAL HAIR! that's not a wig! Thanks Amy for letting me jack your hair sky high- I love how it looks!
In the first ones- we climbed through a pitch black, abandoned power plant (spiders!) No light except what was filtering though a tiny broken section of window-  but Amy was fab- she actually had to climb on that icky stuff- but i love how editorial it looks...

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

More shots coming soon!

I have three shoots booked next week back to back to back- the 13th 14th and 15th- so hopefully I will be posting more awesome shots soon! (I've been on vacation- so nothing for the past 2 weeks, oh except a lovely wedding)
anyway- I did want to post some older shots that I still love- and am happy to say I'm shooting again with this same lovely model- and the same photographer- though not together!
both gowns are original couture gowns the one on the left is an original gown Faye Dunaway wore in The Towering Inferno. The second is believed to be from the early 50's - custom designed from Germany- and the provenance is still not known.
model Emily Therese, Photographer Lesely Arak, Hair David Schumann, Makeup -ME!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

More Favorite Shots!

These are a few of the more fashion shots with David Pankratz (photographer) and Lauren (model). Hair & makeup by me!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Awesome Shots!

Some of my favorites from a recent shoot- Model-Lauren- photographer David Pankratz. I'm still waiting on the more fashion and editorial ones- but will be sure to post them as soon as I can!