Friday, August 27, 2010

New shots!

Here's a few shots from the weekend of shoots-
Palo-model, Photographer Stephanie Pierce, hair & makeup- Me
Palo, Stephanie, Me
Palo, Stephanie, Me

Here's another- more still on their way!
Amber- model, photographer Lesley Arak, makeup-Me.

Monday, August 23, 2010


So I'm waiting for some pics from 4 separate shoots, whew! Anyway- I should get some to show all of you soon! (you don't always get copies, but all these photographers are very cool and always give me something for my port anyway!-that's why I love them!) I did a group shoot, which i find fun & also helpful in increasing my speed & skill level. It was me- and 8 models & about 7 photographers. The other hair & makeup gal never showed! What?! I know- HOW can you just no show- and NO CALL! Anyway- several of those are creatives so probably won't make it to my print portfolio, but they're always fun to show here, and they are super fun to do so we"ll see what images I get. For now here's......

Amber Nicol- model, Lesley Arak-photographer
Hair & makeup- Me!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Marathon weekend!

I had a super-shoot weekend! Great shoots on Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday! Whew- I'm exhausted, but I LOVED every minute of it! Here's a couple back already from the Saturday shoot, with Amy (model, Solacium on Model mayhem), Stephanie Pierce- who is seriously one of my favorite photographers- ever!, and me of course- with hair, makeup, nails- and I can take credit for most of styling- as I put most of it together out of Amy's stuff, and what I brought as well) And YES- THAT IS HER REAL HAIR! that's not a wig! Thanks Amy for letting me jack your hair sky high- I love how it looks!
In the first ones- we climbed through a pitch black, abandoned power plant (spiders!) No light except what was filtering though a tiny broken section of window-  but Amy was fab- she actually had to climb on that icky stuff- but i love how editorial it looks...

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

More shots coming soon!

I have three shoots booked next week back to back to back- the 13th 14th and 15th- so hopefully I will be posting more awesome shots soon! (I've been on vacation- so nothing for the past 2 weeks, oh except a lovely wedding)
anyway- I did want to post some older shots that I still love- and am happy to say I'm shooting again with this same lovely model- and the same photographer- though not together!
both gowns are original couture gowns the one on the left is an original gown Faye Dunaway wore in The Towering Inferno. The second is believed to be from the early 50's - custom designed from Germany- and the provenance is still not known.
model Emily Therese, Photographer Lesely Arak, Hair David Schumann, Makeup -ME!