Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hire an MUA!

here's a non-model I did!
 I have been doing plenty of makeup, but lately it's really been more promotional makeup for my cosmetics line, rather than shoots. though i am waiting to hear back from a photographer regarding the definite date for our shoot- a jewelry look book w/ a NY designer- when that comes about I may get a shot that I can share, but you never know- usually the shots don't belong to you- since the client paid for them, and your services, but we'll see! I should get some pics of the "real" women I do every day- they are awesome- and usually a true inspiration to me- they are so grateful for my teaching them how to look their best, and they're not shy in letting me know it! I get a lot of satisfaction from this kind of work- I don't believe all those makeup artist secrets should be kept just for the pages of a magazine, or a slick ad campaign- I think every women deserves to know the techniques to improving their look. I do recommend hiring a true MUA to instruct you- we know bone structure, eye shape, face shape, skin texture, tone & undertone, color theory- all this and more- and can determine which techniques will work for you- it's not just some random slapping on of color here, there, and everywhere, but rather using light and shadow- as well as what we see in your unique person- that helps us decide what looks best, and why...then it's our job to teach you!