Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New Makeup!

o.k so i ordered some new makeup, a Graftobian palette, and some of their airbrush foundations. I chose warm, since that is mostly what i find myself using in any of my other foundation palettes/jars/bottles- etc. this is not my first experience with this brand, as I have used some Graftobian- and currently have a little in my kit. I still tend to like my rcma palette better, but for very sheer, dewey coverage graftobian has an excellent reputation, and I have seen for myself that it does work very creamy. I would not make this my choice for oily skin gals, but for drier skin types this could be amazing. I also bought some Nurturing Force all natural enzymatic airbrush cleaner- and am very excited about trying this! Cleaning my airbrush is a PIA- so if this makes it a cinch I will be re-buying a big ol' bottle! Plus I did get rcma refill foundation as well- Shinto-. When it come sin i'll test out my new Graftobian and post my thoughts here... very excited- i love new makeup!

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