Monday, August 16, 2010

Marathon weekend!

I had a super-shoot weekend! Great shoots on Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday! Whew- I'm exhausted, but I LOVED every minute of it! Here's a couple back already from the Saturday shoot, with Amy (model, Solacium on Model mayhem), Stephanie Pierce- who is seriously one of my favorite photographers- ever!, and me of course- with hair, makeup, nails- and I can take credit for most of styling- as I put most of it together out of Amy's stuff, and what I brought as well) And YES- THAT IS HER REAL HAIR! that's not a wig! Thanks Amy for letting me jack your hair sky high- I love how it looks!
In the first ones- we climbed through a pitch black, abandoned power plant (spiders!) No light except what was filtering though a tiny broken section of window-  but Amy was fab- she actually had to climb on that icky stuff- but i love how editorial it looks...

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