Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Emerging Trends Fashion Show

I was privileged to be asked to assist for the emerging trends Fashion Show, a part of Boston's Fashion Week. Naturally I jumped at the chance, as I love doing fashion shows. Even though they are hectic, and often frantic- the adrenaline, and seeing all these amazing looks come together is an experience like no other.
I was contacted by fellow makeup artist, Christy Rzucidlo Lavallee. You can read her post, and more about the fabulous designers here.
Below you can see me airbrushing the foundation on one of our lovely models-
Fellow artist Liz Washer (her blog post here: http://www.lizwashermakeup.com/2010/09/backstage-at-the-emerging-trends-boston-fashion-week-2010/) & I got to prep, apply foundation, contour, highlight, brows etc. then we passed the girls on to Christy & Julie who finished the color application. This process was very streamlined, and allowed for  us to not only move very quickly, but also to really perfect each individual look & have consistency throughout. I love the second picture that Christy & I both worked on- her skin is glowing, and she looks fabulous! Christy's cousin Michelle- who works for  Paul David Salons in Sudbury, Ma- did the hair for this look- which was truly the most photographed look of the night!

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