Friday, August 3, 2012

Nail art!

Here are some pics on recent nail art that I did using Shellac, different mineral Pigments, Glitters, and materials ie. bubble wrap, tulle, sponges, etc.
From top to bottom and left to right
Gradiant Glitter: Shellac Asphalt- w/ Noble Sparks Silver- top, Ultrafine Glitter- next, Silver Glitter tip-, and Chunky irridescent Glitter- pressed randomly. Topcoat 2x.
Marbled: Shellac Cream Puff w/ FFM Shadows red, Yellow, Blue, Purple- Pressed w/ bubble wrap wiped w/ IPA. Topcoat.
Snakeskin: Shellac left Stripe Iced Cappucino, right stripe Rubble -Mixed down center. Tulle pressed into surface to cure. Then Stunning FFM shadow rubbed into sticky layer-  More Iced Cappucino brushed randomly- cured, and top coated 2x
Japanese Blossom: Shellac Studio White. Black pool spikes w/ striping brush. Wildfire- hand painted blossoms, Cream puff w/ dotting tool pulled into red. cure 10sec. Repeat red & white. Topcoat.
2nd row
Party Nail: Studio White. Tropix dotted on nail & swirled w/ dotting tool cure 10 sec to set. Repeat with Red Baroness, then Tutti Frutti. Press chunky glitter and white fibers into surface. Topcoat 2x
Ombre Nail:  Cream Puff. Press FFM Voracious into tip, next Orange, then bronze, then yellow, & finally gold. Use brush to burnish together. Topcoat
Silver Streak: Silver Chrome. Use striping brush pulled through Black Pool to create upward stripes. repeat with Cream Puff. cure to set 10 seconds Repeat. Cure- reapeat until desired depth. Brush Silver glitter lightly onto surface. Topcoat.
Camo: Cream Puff.  Using 4 pieces torn makeup sponge dip into Black Pool, Hotski to Tchotski,  Cream Puff, & Silver Chrome and press randomly on nail surface. Cure 10 sec. to set. repeat all and set 10 sec. approx 3x. Topcoat.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My job does NOT suck!

So sunday was a beautiful day at Salisbury beach- where we shot on location- a stunningly gorgeous model Alex, and a super hot male model Adam (more on him later)
I am looking forward to the pics from this fabulous team! Talented photogrpaher Bobby DiMarzo pulled us all together to create a great storyline!
I loved working with Lindsey Coco of Coco's Closet- sweet as anything- and pulled some great stuff- She loves Rag & Bone- right there, I was a fan!
Watch out for Alexandria Serafina- because all I can say is- she is a  Dream-  6 ft and can work her angles.
And Adam, *sigh* 6'5" and I got to rub him down with body bronzer and baby oil, yup Does NOT suck! pics to come

Thursday, April 19, 2012

but I don't want that much makeup!

Ok I'm going to clear up a little misconception in the makeup industry here and now. Just because you "don't want a lot of makeup" doesn't mean it takes me 5 minutes to do your face. It's an often heard refrain from pretty much everyone across the board- from brides and prom gals to professional photographers (who, frankly, should know better!) If you are looking at any picture in my pro portfolio- you are seeing beautiful models with perfect skin. You will see it on every model- whether you are looking at a clean beauty look- which appears as if the model has zero makeup on - all the way to a glam punk rocker-esque look (see photos below) These looks both took the same amount of skill and effort. Oftentimes, contrary to popular belief the clean beauty is MORE time consuming- unless the model shows up with absolutely flawless skin to begin with.
Clean Beauty

Punk Rocker-Esque

My point in this little demo is to explain that It matters NOT what look you are going for- I will spend copious amount of time, effort, and product perfecting the skin, creating a flawless canvas- and using all my skill to ensure that each feature is sculpted, imperfections minimized or visually erased- in fact- no makeup looks are MORE challenging because there IS no other focus! Please understand That a professional MUA, with a port demonstrating these abilities, is an artist with a great deal of skill. It's probably the reason you contacted us in the first place, AND it has taken plenty of training and working to achieve that ability. Please know that our rates reflect our skill, training, and expertise. When I quote my rate- it is not an insult, or meant as a discouragement, but rather an acknowledegement of MY worth as an artist and the level of skill I bring to whatever job I am hired to do. 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Proofs from latest shoot!

Love posting new pics- especially ones that have the ability to take my breathe away with their loveliness. I was privileged to work with the amazing team of Daniel Elliot photography
The entire team was very professional and talented. Dan's lighting choices were spectacular, as you will see. Dan excelled at providing direction for the model as well as great energy, which is often difficult to do. Nicole, Dan's wife and partner- was on top of every detail, and also worked as a great liaison between all the talents. She kept everything running smoothly, and on track so shooting was streamlined.  Dan's assistant handles much of the technical details- as well as helping with the set. Like a well oiled machine- their working together was quite harmonious.
I also enjoyed working with Veronica the beautiful model, who was also very sweet.

Friday, March 9, 2012


Today's Nail- Classic French
Romantique & Cream Puff

I  wanted to take the time to do a complete write-up about CND (Creative Nail Design) product Shellac. For those  who don't know me personally, i am also a licensed nail tech, but I am also a sufferer of extremely thin, weak, ridged, too pliable nails, that are also prone to peeling with any chemical exposure (read cleaning products, ie. Clorox wipes etc.) It's probably one of the main reasons I decided as an adult to go to cosmetology school and get my license in the first place.
I first was licensed in 1999, they heyday of acrylic enhancements, and crazy nail art. I truly enjoyed both- from having sturdy long, smooth nails for the first time ever, and having free reign creatively to make some fabulous nail art. The big problem came with the long wear of the acrylics. I always hand filed- and never drilled to ensure I never thinned the nail plate itself- but even still my nails underneath were becoming weaker, and the acrylic was actually feeling heavy on my nail beds (not good) and they were sensitive to any pressure, also not good. Note- I was using CND's wonderful product line- which has always been a favorite of mine- due to the high quality- and frankly their innovation- they are always the first to make any system better. The fault was neither the product, nor my technique, but rather simply my nails, and their DNA. I removed them and my nails looked like waves on a shoreline-just from the weight of the acrylic. My already thin nails would tear like wet paper. I kept them trimmed them as short as possible.  no amount of strengtheners would truly work- and my nails, after a year, were better- but back to original weakness. Standard nail polish would last maybe 24 hours- but the minute they got wet the nails would bend- and polish chipped right off.
Then came my introduction to Shellac about 9 months ago. Frankly it seemed almost too good to be true. I did research, checked out other pros using the line- and was so excited I went out and bought everything I needed in one day! I watched videos, joined a forum-found people on facebook- you name it! it take just a bit of practice to really ensure edges are well sealed, coats are thin, etc. I've found the cream colors help by building a well of color at epinychium and pulling downward- helps keep it from streaking. but I have had astounding success- and it has surpassed all my expectations!
Color created by layering
2 coats Rock Royalty w/ 1 coat Moonlight & Roses

 I will say that I do not always get a full 2 weeks- but thin nails w. almost no edge to seal, oily nails to boot, and being really good about gloves, but not perfect- are really the only reasons my Shellac may last a shorter amount of time. The Shellac makes my nails stronger, but doesn't compromise the nail underneath- it is not so heavy on the nail- even with extra coats for art. It also stays incredibly smooth and shiny the entire time- and clients can reach for their keys the second you're done- amazing!
But, truly, my favorite thing about the Shellac is that it removes in 10 minutes with no damage to the nail- no buffing and no excessive soaking in acetone.( I use, and LOVE the CND Wraps!) Other brands cannot say the same- and people who have come to me with other gel polishes on I have had no choice but to buff the rest of the color off- even after soaking for more than 30 minutes! I will show a pic of my nails directly after removing Shellac. You can see my sidewalls are very dry in this pic-( I DO solar oil nightly!) but the nails themselves are in perfect condition!

Hotski to Tchotchke
w/ raindrop design

I am also inspired by all the art possibilities- from glitter (Rock Star) nails, and raindrop design (very popular) which I have in two colors,
 to all the color layering designs-just did a cheetah print using Romantique as base, and Cream Puff, Iced Cappucino, and Black Pool for spots! etc I have only scratched the surface of what I can do! here are a few pics of some basic manicures, and colors.
Make sure you go to a licensed nail tech- as  the prep for the Shellac is very important to ensure they truly last, and look smooth and shiny, The cuticle (invisible cell layer that coats nail plate) must be removed for proper adhesion. Confirm they are using the REAL Shellac (see bottles in pics) THAT is what bottle should look like!
To maintain their beauty- simply Solar Oil at least once a day, wear gloves for any cleaning or exposure to chemicals-and voila- gorgeous long-lasting nails!

Monday, March 5, 2012

New Work 2/2012

Let's get right to the pictures shall we?
Arden-Model, Lionfish Photography,
Hair & Makeup-Me

Arden-model,  Lionfish Photography,
Hair & Makeup-Me

Arden, Victoria Richey-models, Lionfish Photography,
Hair & Makeup- Me
Victoria Richey (model),  Lionfish Photography
Hair & Makeup -Me
This entire team was fabulous- the model's faces took my breathe away- Arden is only 9- she has an amazing career ahead of her! Victoria- is such a pro- and her face is glorious! I cannot say enough wonderful things about our photographer- owner of Lionfish photography-exquisite work. I will be excited to work with this team again! would love to add in a hair styling specialist for some elaborate updo's, as a clothing stylist!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Men's grooming

Men's Grooming
 Here's what I did yesterday- click the link to view a video of my live on-air segment for Mass Appeal, a local television talk program. I worked with the show's male host, Seth Stutman, and discussed the few thing our men can do to keep themselves gorgeous! Ooh and smelling really good!
Look for postings coming soon for my next few appearances!