Monday, December 12, 2011

One of my gorgeous brides!

It is always gratifying to know that you helped create a little magic for a brides' special day- thank you nicole for your kind words, you are as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside. Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Griffin- may you have a long, blessed marriage!
Mr. And Mrs. Griffin

The Beautiful Wedding Party

 " Thank you for the wonderful job you did. We got so many compliments on the makeup.  Thanks again and I will defiantly be passing your name around to my friends who are getting married!"    Nicole

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Yankee Candle Video Shoot

So I will be styling another video shoot for Yankee Candle this week-  Hair, Makeup, nails, & clothing are all my responsibility. That being said, I did a little shopping- and I may have picked up a thing or two for myself.....
The execs at Yankee would like our spokesmodel to look casual, yet polished and authoritatively   professional. So in that frame of mind I purchased a few jackets that are slightly less tailored than business jackets, with detailing that lends itself to a more causal look. I also purchased a gorgeous Merino Wool/ Angora blend, gray cable knit turtleneck- so classic and beautiful! Since we are shooting for their winter product lines- a sweater like this is an elegant way to convey seasonality- plus the gray is a neutral so we can pair either of the jackets with it, or scarves, etc. the shooting is typically 3/4- though full body can appear as carolyn Steps into frame, so bottoms will also come into play.  I will keep you posted as to the final outfits- and will post a link to the final video so you can see the final product!
In my shopping trip i also managed to find a beautiful pair of dark wash, skinny jeans- perfect to complete the look for my musician friend's television performance! She rocked those skinnies! We've chosen all but the last accessory- need to show her some rings for her microphone hand- and we're done! now I just need to style the guitar player- oy vey!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

New Pictures!

Well- I suppose it's about time I posted some new pictures! I have been working  a lot, but mostly on projects where I will not have pics to post since the pics are owned by the client. Suffice it to say- I'm fine with this- since it means I'm being paid for my work!
recently I've done several catalog shoots, filming commercials for Yankee Candle (with another on the way), and many television appearances as a beauty expert. Plus, of course, wedding, weddings, weddings- as tis the season! I will also be doing makeup this weekend for Boston Fashion Week- which is always fun!
Here are some great pics from a shoot with the amazing David Pankratz- who's lighting ability still takes my breathe away, and Model- Kendra Richards- model-her energy is so electric!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I'm so bad- I neglect this poor little blog, but I suppose it's because I'm sort of busy working- so I must be excused! For those of you who do not know- I have a photo-safe, mineral cosmetics line called Fortunate Face Minerals (I'll add a link & a blog here under that name as well) I have been launching the line into several new stores, as well as just getting back from teaching a makeup class in California, and of course shooting. oh, yeah and did I mention we're moving too? same city- bigger house- but kind of a lot of work there too- so- bear with me on this.
Any way commercial catalog shoot yesterday which was kind of fun since they were male models.
Still doing several styling/makeup & hair sessions for an awesome band named Gone by Daylight- very fun guys- remember the name- You WILL know who they are! We did a few shoots for lots of promotional materials -video, pics, online ads, posters- etc. They can party like the world is going to end- but they are great guys, and very talented!
lastly here are some I did about a month or so ago- with photographer Angela Perez- very talented- I had been wanting to work with her for about a year- and it just never came together- so I was happy that kind of last minute we made something happen, we were fortunate enough to have Kate Alves clothing designer, there to showcase several of her beautiful pieces. and our two models were Claudia Snow, and Molly Shannon. hair and makeup- (as usual) by ME- Enjoy!


here's the link!

Fortunate Face Minerals

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New Work!

Here are a few of my favorite shots from a shoot recently with the very talented photographer Greg Brown- and model-Kendra Richards.

I love Greg's lighting- and was very excited about the elevator in his studio that we shot in- as well as the Restoration Hardware where we shot our 3rd look- fun!  I was also grateful with how quickly greg was able to get these to us considering he had 10 days worth of MB fashion week shots to edit for publication ( I did mention he's super talented right?)
Loved this restoration Hardware- I had to run around and move price tags out of sight, and Greg actually climbed into a bathtub to get some of our shots! 
And if you like the makeup- most of it is my line- Fortunate Face (though the pink lips color isn't for sale yet- but soon!)

Friday, March 18, 2011

You want high quality work? Pay your Artists!

This is absolutely how we professionals, photographers, makeup artists, models, hair & clothing stylists, feel!
Our work deserves to be valued just like everyone else's. You wouldn't work for pictures- particularly of non-professionals, and I can assure you random people in photographs will not add value to my port. I work at this full time, it is how I, and many others pay our bills. We cannot work for free, unless it's going in a major magazine, or something of the caliber of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, and guess what? Those artists are paid too!

Seen in the same reversed format it seems a little ridiculous that anyone would even ask this doesn't it?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Love, Love, Love the CND new Shellac gel polish- beautiful glass-like finish on the nails- and 2 weeks wear instead of a few hour wear- like regular polish on my nails!
Because I'm an MUA, I keep my nails fairly short, but I also really haven't much choice since my nails are so thin and soft- they bend like paper. the only way for me to have truly long nails are enhancements of some sort- whether  acrylic, gels, tips, or silk or fiberglass wraps. I've had/done several of these- and without exception they have all created even more problems for the natural nail underneath. after removing my acrylics- it took YEARS for my nails to stop growing out dramatically ridged!
The one thing I do notice is that the gel polish doesn't create the weight on the nail the way other enhancements do, and they retain a flexibility that enhancements and polish cannot. both the weight and the vigorous nail prep before enhancements are what typically lead to the natural nail being compromised, but this is different for each individual.
 CND claims that with wear it will improve the health and growth of the natural nail. Truly the harshest aspect of the process- is dehyradting the nail w/ Scrub fresh or other dehyrdator- which usually contain acetone & alcohol- both drying to the skin, as well as soaking for 10 minutes in acetone to remove- again drying to nail plate, epinychium, and surrounding skin. The CND wraps help, but skin is still exposed. It is, however much less harsh than prep for artificial nails, and using the Solor Oil helps re-condition the surrounding skin.
You MUST shake - rather than roll like standard polish, the bottle for at least 20 seconds to make sure gel is mixed well- this does create some air bubbles which must be brushed out- and when completing last nail before curing- let product self level a second or two to ensure a smooth surface.
The soak of time is truly 10 minutes- and it comes off amazingly clean- I was skeptical- and it impressed me A LOT! It means no buffing to remove excess product- and nails were clean, smooth, and ready for the next polish application.
The one note, and it's not a drawback, simply a not to be missed step, is nail prep prior to polish. If it's been awhile since clients last manicure, or the manicure insufficiently removed the cuticle growth- this MUST be addressed prior to polish or small bumps will appear and mar the shiny finish. The first application, therefore may take extra time to ensure the nail is in perfect condition for Shellac application.
They are pricey, at $16 for a 1/4 oz bottle- and I do wish they would increase the bottle size to the standard 1/2 oz for that price!
All, in all, I am very happy with this product and have already booked 5 appointments- if it continues to work this effectively- I am confident I will have many return clients!
French Manicure w/ Cream Puff & Clearly Pink

Monday, March 14, 2011

new products

I bought two new palettes from Kyryolan The Aquacolor and the Supracolor both in FP2 which contains the basic colors wheel colors as well as black and white, and a few other tints like teal and pink. The Supracolor is a cream based color- similar to MUFE flash palette.  The colors are creamy- and i am still waiting for my opportunity to play with this- so more to come!
The Aquacolors- are a water activated creamy cake makeup. i was amazed at how rich, and dense the color went on- they also blend amazingly well. I still have to do more playing with this one as well.
I also purchased the Ben Nye Lumiere Creme Wheel, again a cream with teh 3 primary, and 2 secondary colors (Green & purple) as well as white. This one is sparkly- with visible to the naked eye sparkle. The Supracolor is completely flat, but also has a less smooth, slightly grainy looking texture to some of the colors- such as the white, the brown, & red. This could impact the coverage and blendability, but time will see.
 I did pick up a few other things- like spirit gum remover, cake eyeliner & sealer, more lashes, "no Sweat" skin prep, my parian Spirit brush cleaner- which i adore, and some 99% alcohol to clean everything up!

The last thing I got is the entire Shellac gel nail polish System so I could add these to my beauty menu- nail polish that lasts for 2 weeks- I gotta offer that one- heck i've gotta WEAR that one!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ben Nye Fireworks Fantasy Wheel

Frankly, if you have never tried this product, you're really missing out! It consists of 6 shimmering colors -Gold Dust FW-1, Silver Satin FW-3, Diamond Ice FW-5, Ruby Luster FW-7, Copper FW-9, & Bronze FW-11. it's a fantastic deal- I provided a few links below- where it retails for $15-$16. Singles retail for around $7, but honestly you're better off just getting the wheel- a much better value.
 These cream colors can be used for anything from a subtle highlight to a blush, lip color, or eyeshadow. 
I hadn't picked mine up a in awhile, but something drew me to it- I think it was the rich, patinated bronze color (FW-11)....anyway I decided that this was going to be my smudgy smoked out bronze eye look for the day. 
The colors are very thick, and can sometimes be difficult to blend, or spread easily- so I used 1 drop of FCO (fractionated coconut oil) that I keep in my kit. I placed this on my metal palette- and just dipped the very tip of my brush into FCO- and then used it to spread around and soften the color. 1 drop was more than enough for all, and I had oil leftover!
I used a little FW-5- Diamond ice on the brow bone directly below the arch of my brow, and the inner corner of the eye-smudging some onto the top lid. Next I used Bronze FW-11 in crease, outer third of lid in a < > on both eyes and smudged under eye. I used soft smudge brush to continue working color from crease and onto lower section of brow bone. lastly I used powdered mineral shadow from fortunate Face Minerals in Blackest with same smudge brush and smoked out the bronze both under eye, at lash line and just in out crease. The look was completed with 2 coats of Maybelline Define-A-Lash black mascara, and curling those lashes! I also added extra oomph to my complexion by gently tapping some Diamond Ice onto the top of my cheekbone- so pretty- a great highlight!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Since I haven't posted anything new in a while....

All Shots
Model: Emily Therese
Photographer: Matt Harrison
Hair & Makeup: Karrie Welch (that's me!)

will add new ones momentarily!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Must Swatch!

I have a whole host of new colors that I simply MUST swatch for you! I promise, promise, promise to do this- hopefully this week- next at the latest!
Wait until you see Vegas! someone bought a jar of it- just by seeing it on my eyes! it has all the glitz and glamour of Vegas- and no, it's not a gold color- fooled you didn't I?

Czarina, Sahara, Vegas, Divinity, Ravished, Soft Sand, Faux- so Awesome!

New Makeup on it's way!

So I ordered a bunch of new makeup- I am very excited- i have no idea where I will actually put this makeup as my new makeup bag- a deep sea fishing tackle bag from  Cabella's, is already literally ripping at the seams because I stuff it so full. I am going to have to seriously edit....
So i ordered some basics- 995 alcohol, my parian Spirit Brush cleaner- that i love, and some cake mascara & false lashes by Lafemme- i have never tried they're lashes before- I'll let you know what i think.
I'm really excited though, to try the Ben Nye lumiere wheel that i ordered, as well as the kryolan Supracolor palette. i'm looking forward to creating some really cool intense looks with these! I also bought a bottle of Mehron No Sweat- never used this before either, but if it works- will be fabulous for summer heat! Ooh- yeah and eyebrow plastic as well- for blocking out those brows...can't forget that! Will let you know when my package arrives- will be FUN!