Thursday, September 29, 2011

Yankee Candle Video Shoot

So I will be styling another video shoot for Yankee Candle this week-  Hair, Makeup, nails, & clothing are all my responsibility. That being said, I did a little shopping- and I may have picked up a thing or two for myself.....
The execs at Yankee would like our spokesmodel to look casual, yet polished and authoritatively   professional. So in that frame of mind I purchased a few jackets that are slightly less tailored than business jackets, with detailing that lends itself to a more causal look. I also purchased a gorgeous Merino Wool/ Angora blend, gray cable knit turtleneck- so classic and beautiful! Since we are shooting for their winter product lines- a sweater like this is an elegant way to convey seasonality- plus the gray is a neutral so we can pair either of the jackets with it, or scarves, etc. the shooting is typically 3/4- though full body can appear as carolyn Steps into frame, so bottoms will also come into play.  I will keep you posted as to the final outfits- and will post a link to the final video so you can see the final product!
In my shopping trip i also managed to find a beautiful pair of dark wash, skinny jeans- perfect to complete the look for my musician friend's television performance! She rocked those skinnies! We've chosen all but the last accessory- need to show her some rings for her microphone hand- and we're done! now I just need to style the guitar player- oy vey!

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