Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ben Nye Fireworks Fantasy Wheel

Frankly, if you have never tried this product, you're really missing out! It consists of 6 shimmering colors -Gold Dust FW-1, Silver Satin FW-3, Diamond Ice FW-5, Ruby Luster FW-7, Copper FW-9, & Bronze FW-11. it's a fantastic deal- I provided a few links below- where it retails for $15-$16. Singles retail for around $7, but honestly you're better off just getting the wheel- a much better value.
 These cream colors can be used for anything from a subtle highlight to a blush, lip color, or eyeshadow. 
I hadn't picked mine up a in awhile, but something drew me to it- I think it was the rich, patinated bronze color (FW-11)....anyway I decided that this was going to be my smudgy smoked out bronze eye look for the day. 
The colors are very thick, and can sometimes be difficult to blend, or spread easily- so I used 1 drop of FCO (fractionated coconut oil) that I keep in my kit. I placed this on my metal palette- and just dipped the very tip of my brush into FCO- and then used it to spread around and soften the color. 1 drop was more than enough for all, and I had oil leftover!
I used a little FW-5- Diamond ice on the brow bone directly below the arch of my brow, and the inner corner of the eye-smudging some onto the top lid. Next I used Bronze FW-11 in crease, outer third of lid in a < > on both eyes and smudged under eye. I used soft smudge brush to continue working color from crease and onto lower section of brow bone. lastly I used powdered mineral shadow from fortunate Face Minerals in Blackest with same smudge brush and smoked out the bronze both under eye, at lash line and just in out crease. The look was completed with 2 coats of Maybelline Define-A-Lash black mascara, and curling those lashes! I also added extra oomph to my complexion by gently tapping some Diamond Ice onto the top of my cheekbone- so pretty- a great highlight!

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