Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I'm so bad- I neglect this poor little blog, but I suppose it's because I'm sort of busy working- so I must be excused! For those of you who do not know- I have a photo-safe, mineral cosmetics line called Fortunate Face Minerals (I'll add a link & a blog here under that name as well) I have been launching the line into several new stores, as well as just getting back from teaching a makeup class in California, and of course shooting. oh, yeah and did I mention we're moving too? same city- bigger house- but kind of a lot of work there too- so- bear with me on this.
Any way commercial catalog shoot yesterday which was kind of fun since they were male models.
Still doing several styling/makeup & hair sessions for an awesome band named Gone by Daylight- very fun guys- remember the name- You WILL know who they are! We did a few shoots for lots of promotional materials -video, pics, online ads, posters- etc. They can party like the world is going to end- but they are great guys, and very talented!
lastly here are some I did about a month or so ago- with photographer Angela Perez- very talented- I had been wanting to work with her for about a year- and it just never came together- so I was happy that kind of last minute we made something happen, we were fortunate enough to have Kate Alves clothing designer, there to showcase several of her beautiful pieces. and our two models were Claudia Snow, and Molly Shannon. hair and makeup- (as usual) by ME- Enjoy!


here's the link!

Fortunate Face Minerals

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