Monday, March 14, 2011

new products

I bought two new palettes from Kyryolan The Aquacolor and the Supracolor both in FP2 which contains the basic colors wheel colors as well as black and white, and a few other tints like teal and pink. The Supracolor is a cream based color- similar to MUFE flash palette.  The colors are creamy- and i am still waiting for my opportunity to play with this- so more to come!
The Aquacolors- are a water activated creamy cake makeup. i was amazed at how rich, and dense the color went on- they also blend amazingly well. I still have to do more playing with this one as well.
I also purchased the Ben Nye Lumiere Creme Wheel, again a cream with teh 3 primary, and 2 secondary colors (Green & purple) as well as white. This one is sparkly- with visible to the naked eye sparkle. The Supracolor is completely flat, but also has a less smooth, slightly grainy looking texture to some of the colors- such as the white, the brown, & red. This could impact the coverage and blendability, but time will see.
 I did pick up a few other things- like spirit gum remover, cake eyeliner & sealer, more lashes, "no Sweat" skin prep, my parian Spirit brush cleaner- which i adore, and some 99% alcohol to clean everything up!

The last thing I got is the entire Shellac gel nail polish System so I could add these to my beauty menu- nail polish that lasts for 2 weeks- I gotta offer that one- heck i've gotta WEAR that one!

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