Friday, August 3, 2012

Nail art!

Here are some pics on recent nail art that I did using Shellac, different mineral Pigments, Glitters, and materials ie. bubble wrap, tulle, sponges, etc.
From top to bottom and left to right
Gradiant Glitter: Shellac Asphalt- w/ Noble Sparks Silver- top, Ultrafine Glitter- next, Silver Glitter tip-, and Chunky irridescent Glitter- pressed randomly. Topcoat 2x.
Marbled: Shellac Cream Puff w/ FFM Shadows red, Yellow, Blue, Purple- Pressed w/ bubble wrap wiped w/ IPA. Topcoat.
Snakeskin: Shellac left Stripe Iced Cappucino, right stripe Rubble -Mixed down center. Tulle pressed into surface to cure. Then Stunning FFM shadow rubbed into sticky layer-  More Iced Cappucino brushed randomly- cured, and top coated 2x
Japanese Blossom: Shellac Studio White. Black pool spikes w/ striping brush. Wildfire- hand painted blossoms, Cream puff w/ dotting tool pulled into red. cure 10sec. Repeat red & white. Topcoat.
2nd row
Party Nail: Studio White. Tropix dotted on nail & swirled w/ dotting tool cure 10 sec to set. Repeat with Red Baroness, then Tutti Frutti. Press chunky glitter and white fibers into surface. Topcoat 2x
Ombre Nail:  Cream Puff. Press FFM Voracious into tip, next Orange, then bronze, then yellow, & finally gold. Use brush to burnish together. Topcoat
Silver Streak: Silver Chrome. Use striping brush pulled through Black Pool to create upward stripes. repeat with Cream Puff. cure to set 10 seconds Repeat. Cure- reapeat until desired depth. Brush Silver glitter lightly onto surface. Topcoat.
Camo: Cream Puff.  Using 4 pieces torn makeup sponge dip into Black Pool, Hotski to Tchotski,  Cream Puff, & Silver Chrome and press randomly on nail surface. Cure 10 sec. to set. repeat all and set 10 sec. approx 3x. Topcoat.

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