Friday, September 6, 2013

Clean Beauty

One if the hallmarks of a true, professional makeup artist, is the ability to execute a clean beauty look. But what, exactly does that mean?
In layman's terms this mean making the model, or person look as if they are wearing no, or only the barest hint of any makeup.  Think of the skincare ads- and you will understand what I mean.
Now, why are these so important for a makeup artist?
Firstly- because it shows our skill. We can make a person look amazing without hiding them behind layers of color and texture. Skin must look flawless- and if you think models come to set with already flawless skin, no redness, never a blemish, well it does happen- but it is the exception rather than the rule- as models are people too- with the same skin condiotions, sun exposure, etc. The smart ones do everything in their power to protect and preserve their looks, after all it IS their job, but blemishes do happen!
To make skin look glowing, smooth, completely even, yet enhance bone structure, and contours as well as strategically utilizing highlight  and color, take a unique combination of skills- and to do it all for HD film and camera is, again the sign of a well trained, well educated artist. This is by far the most difficult look to get perfect, and yet it is the basis for every other makeup look!
So how do YOU, the everyday women, fit in this equation?
THIS should also be a goal of yours!    
If every other makeup look builds off of this one- getting your "perfected canvas" Ie- your clean beauty face- will only enhance every other makeup look you try. How great does a sultry smokey eye look- when you haven't corrected or covered the dark circles under your eye- or evened out the blotchy red next to your nose?
I promise you EVERYTHING you do looks better when you have that flawless face first!
And young girls- this is ALWAYS my advice. Learn to cover a pimple, redness, dark circles under the eye- learn to curl lashes, comb brows, maybe a teeny bit if mascara- touch of bronzer if needed, and a sheer slick of gloss. My mantra for these 12-13 year old gals is, "Don't you want to be the girl who walks into school and people say- Wow she is so pretty, and she doesn't wear a stitch of makeup." WHO DOES NOT WANT TO BE THAT GIRL????
And not so young ladies- this is a technique that will help you over your lifetime to be able to transition your makeup to always suit the needs of the face staring back at you in the mirror. Face it (literally) as we age, our makeup needs change; but a clean beauty look NEVER goes out of style.  And if you have mastered it, you will have the knowledge to continue to adapt as the needs of your face, skin, eye shape, etc, change, and they will.

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