Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My job does NOT suck!

So sunday was a beautiful day at Salisbury beach- where we shot on location- a stunningly gorgeous model Alex, and a super hot male model Adam (more on him later)
I am looking forward to the pics from this fabulous team! Talented photogrpaher Bobby DiMarzo pulled us all together to create a great storyline!
I loved working with Lindsey Coco of Coco's Closet- sweet as anything- and pulled some great stuff- She loves Rag & Bone- right there, I was a fan!
Watch out for Alexandria Serafina- because all I can say is- she is a  Dream-  6 ft and can work her angles.
And Adam, *sigh* 6'5" and I got to rub him down with body bronzer and baby oil, yup Does NOT suck! pics to come

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  1. Well done! I'm still a kid, testing and doing TFP so hopefully one day I'll get to where you're at! x