Thursday, April 19, 2012

but I don't want that much makeup!

Ok I'm going to clear up a little misconception in the makeup industry here and now. Just because you "don't want a lot of makeup" doesn't mean it takes me 5 minutes to do your face. It's an often heard refrain from pretty much everyone across the board- from brides and prom gals to professional photographers (who, frankly, should know better!) If you are looking at any picture in my pro portfolio- you are seeing beautiful models with perfect skin. You will see it on every model- whether you are looking at a clean beauty look- which appears as if the model has zero makeup on - all the way to a glam punk rocker-esque look (see photos below) These looks both took the same amount of skill and effort. Oftentimes, contrary to popular belief the clean beauty is MORE time consuming- unless the model shows up with absolutely flawless skin to begin with.
Clean Beauty

Punk Rocker-Esque

My point in this little demo is to explain that It matters NOT what look you are going for- I will spend copious amount of time, effort, and product perfecting the skin, creating a flawless canvas- and using all my skill to ensure that each feature is sculpted, imperfections minimized or visually erased- in fact- no makeup looks are MORE challenging because there IS no other focus! Please understand That a professional MUA, with a port demonstrating these abilities, is an artist with a great deal of skill. It's probably the reason you contacted us in the first place, AND it has taken plenty of training and working to achieve that ability. Please know that our rates reflect our skill, training, and expertise. When I quote my rate- it is not an insult, or meant as a discouragement, but rather an acknowledegement of MY worth as an artist and the level of skill I bring to whatever job I am hired to do. 


  1. Could not have said it better myself!!!!

    Lynn Golovich
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    Metro Detroit Makeup Artist

  2. Agreed - I'm starting out and i want to go pro soon but i know that if i want to go far, then I have to do clean work. and clean work is so much more than blending - it's bringing out the best in every face.
    I just save the colorful stuff for myself and break out the neutrals for the stuff for my portolio