Wednesday, January 15, 2014

CoverGirl at 2014 Olympic figure Skating Trials!

2014 Olympic Trials

I was honored to be one of the chosen P & G Beauty Salon Team at the 2014 Olympic Figure Skating Trials at the TD Center In Boston, Ma 1/9-1/12.
P&G Beauty Salon
Out fabulous team leader was the Talented Candace Corey, and yes you HAVE seen her work in magazines, commercials, shows... I was surrounded by a group of Very talented ladies, Jenn, Angie, Zanette, and Kay.
Originally I was brought in, alongside my charming Charlotte, NC  peer, Kay, for nails, but as the days progressed, I was fortunate to be able to jump in and help with hairstyling, as well as makeup applications!. And the best part WE got to hand out a LOT of Swag!!
Not only does our job allow us to make gals feel gorgeous, and truly good about themselves, but Covergirl- allowed us to give away all the products that we were using on our clients! Talk about fun, and HAPPY- these girls, and women were so happy to just be pampered- all complimentary, but then to get to keep all the products- well we were the cherry on the ICE-ing of that Figure skiting event!
I was so impressed with how PASSIONATE these people all were about there sport, how we had even 70 year old ladies sit down and tell us they STILL are skating, AND competing!
I have always had a great appreciation for figure skating, as a former dancer, the beauty and artistry, along with the sheer athleticism to make it LOOK effortless appeals to me.
As a professional makeup artist, I have always had an appreciation of makeup as well. My most favorite products from the event have to be the nail polishes- so pigmented! I was very impressed- and this is coming from a polish SNOB! The Diva After Dark, Silver Lining, and Bombshell were
AH-Mazing! Bombshell was gone after day 3!

I was also truly impressed with the precision of the Covergirl liquid Liner pen! wow- best flick/cat eye ever! so easy- and very long wearing!
lastly the Covergirl Liperfection Jumbo gloss balm-So gorgeous! and the hot pink was my obsession!
The days were long, but the event, and all the people- all the attendees, the marketing team, and the people from P&G, and, of course, My amazing team of stylists- were what made this entire event an experience I thoroughly loved!

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