Monday, March 5, 2012

New Work 2/2012

Let's get right to the pictures shall we?
Arden-Model, Lionfish Photography,
Hair & Makeup-Me

Arden-model,  Lionfish Photography,
Hair & Makeup-Me

Arden, Victoria Richey-models, Lionfish Photography,
Hair & Makeup- Me
Victoria Richey (model),  Lionfish Photography
Hair & Makeup -Me
This entire team was fabulous- the model's faces took my breathe away- Arden is only 9- she has an amazing career ahead of her! Victoria- is such a pro- and her face is glorious! I cannot say enough wonderful things about our photographer- owner of Lionfish photography-exquisite work. I will be excited to work with this team again! would love to add in a hair styling specialist for some elaborate updo's, as a clothing stylist!

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